David Beres
Each wedding is different, each one is unique. I love the atmosphere, the excitement shown on people’s faces, the intimate moments, the tiny glances. I love to catch all those special feelings in pictures and give you everlasting memories of all your emotions and moments.

It feels amazing to know that you will feel the same thrill and happiness whenever you look at your pictures created by us.
This responsibility and joy are the very reasons I love wedding photography. I believe one has to be enthusiastic and passionate to do it well. I am.

Currently I live in Budapest. From here it is easy to reach the major cities of Europe and the world by air, however within Europe I prefer to drive. I am fluent in English and have a basic-intermediate knowledge of German.

My Story & Experiences
I didn’t study to become a photographer. As a graduate in Economics at Oxford Brooks University I worked for various multinational companies until, after several years, I left the world of General Motors and the financial and advertising sector, so that I could do what I really enjoy. I had been passionate about photography for many years when I finally chose it as my profession in 2011.

I worked for the Hungarian distributor of Adobe for five years between 2006-2011, in the last 2 years as a support manager of Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. Why is it important? I often say that the final result of any good photograph is 50 percent photography and 50 percent post-processing. In my opinion knowledge of Photoshop and other such software products is essential to bring pictures to perfection. I fell in love with wedding photography during my time at Adobe and still, this is what inspires me the most. Even when I travel and visit nice places, I am always looking for spots where I could take unique pictures with a bride & groom.

In 2016 I officially became a professional photographer, when I passed my all state exams. But certainly, as most photographers, I prefer my work to do the talking for me. Please, check my portfolio and my client’s stories here in this website, and if you would like to get more inspirational pictures, follow my Instagram profile here and my Facebook page here.