I was so happy to work for with Marlene and Christian. Marlene is an exotic beauty; I knew I would have very cool pictures of them. In addition, they chose a wonderful location for their wedding venue, the castle of Hernstein. I photographed a couple of times in this place, it offers many options not just in the park but inside the “Schloss” as well.
On the wedding day the weather was perfect. Christian and his friends are volunteer firefighters. For this reason, a special (fellowship) bond among them has emerged, which we experienced on the evening party as well. We enjoyed the whole day very much. It was easy to work with the couple.
At this wedding, Mate Kerges was my second photographer.
I selected for this blog post more than 100 out of the nearly 700 images we delivered them
Please welcome the first entry for the renewed blog. You can find the old blog here (the last post here was from 2014):



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