Each wedding is different, each one is unique. We love the milieu, the excitement shown on people’s faces, the intimate moments, the tiny glances. It is a privilege for us to take part in your wedding and celebrate with you, your family and friends. We love what we do, and we are inspired to take our best ever photos at your wedding. It is good to know that you will feel the same thrill and happiness whenever you look at your pictures. This responsibility and joy are the very reasons me and my wife love wedding photography. One has to be enthusiastic and passionate to do it well. We are.

We work and live in Rome/Italy; Vienna/Austria and Budapest/Hungary. From these places it is easy to reach the major cities of Europe and the world by air, however, within Europe we prefer to drive. We are fluent in English and have a basic German knowledge. Furthermore, Dalma is near native in French.


Curriculum Vitae:
David: I didn’t study to become a photographer. As a graduate in economy of the Oxford Brooks University I worked for various multinational companies until, after several years of work experience, I left the world of General Motors, Adobe and the financial and advertising sector, so that I could do what I really like. I had been passionate for photography for years when I finally chose it as my profession in 2011. I specialized in wedding photography because this is what inspires me the most.


Besides, gastro photography became a part of my life. My wife and me have a Hungarian language thematic blog on French cuisine ( I worked for the Hungarian distributor of Adobe for four years, in the last 18 months as a creative software manager. Why is it important? I often say that the final result is 50 percent photography and 50 percent post processing. In my opinion knowledge of Photoshop and other software products is essential to bring pictures to perfection. I married Dalma in 2012. Photography was her hobby too, and therefore she could help me a lot in my work. If a client requires a secondary photographer, she’s the first person I think of. We have found that the presence of a female photographer helps a lot for shy brides, unaccustomed to be exposed in the limelight of photography. I work in perfect harmony with Dalma, and brides often make me promise upon engagement photography sessions that I bring her along to their wedding too.